Our Wharf

For the past 200 years, the people of Harbourville have tuned their lives, and their livelihoods, to the ebb and flow of the powerful Bay of Fundy tides. The life of the community - economic, social and cultural - has revolved around its natural harbour, one of the best on the upper Bay of Fundy, while drawing also from the neighbouring forests and fields.

Life in Harbourville has always centred around the wharf. The village of Harbourville exists today because long ago a brook running into the Bay formed a natural harbour, a good place to build a wharf. The wharf is the heart of our community. It supports our fishing industry and reveals our history.

It is our invitation to the Bay. People come down to the wharf to put their boats in the water, to watch the fishing boats come and go, to stand around, to fish, to chat, to picnic and to watch the sun set over the Bay.

The commitment to restore and maintain the Harbourville wharves, unites the young and the not so young, year round residents and cottagers, and old friends and new from far and near.

Wharf Rentals

If you are interested in keeping your boat in Harbourville, contact Victoria Hamilton at codfather@eastlink.ca for more information.


Boat Launch

If you are interested in using our boat launch, contact codfather@eastlink.ca for more information.