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Join us at the Harbourville Hall for demonstrations, cooking classes,

illustrated talks and training on bird watching, butterfly gardening, tree planting and the geology and life the Bay of Fundy – and much more.

Sunday, May 5th, 2-4pm

butterfly gardening

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Join Lisa Proulx, also known as the Butterfly Lady of Lake LaRose, in a workshop on the joys and challenges of gardening to support butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

Lisa will share her photographs and personal anecdotes based on 12 years of learning about the Monarch butterfly - its beauty, habits and role in the world’s ecology.

*Lisa will show you how to create a butterfly sanctuary in your own backyard.*

About Lisa Proulx

In 2007 Lisa was presented with a challenge – how to aid Species at Risk (SAR) in Nova Scotia. This blossomed into a 12 year passion of caring for and learning about the Monarch butterfly.

As she says, “In butterfly gardening people can contribute in an easy but significant way to our natural world. It helps us to think globally and act locally.”

Session is free but registration is required

sunday, May 26th, 9am

bird watching fundamentals

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Weltland Biologist and devoted birder John Brazner will begin this session with a short classroom session followed by a 1 – 2 hr hike on the Black Rock community trail. He will focus on birding by ear but will also provide information on identification skills and bird ecology.

*John hopes that by the end of the session participants have the ability to identify at least 10 forest songbird species by ear alone and will have seen 25 – 30 forest songbirds.* 

 About John Brazner

John has been a field biologist for over 30 years, working in the Great Lakes and, for the past 15 years, in Nova Scotia. 

His current work involves birds in forested wetlands and adjacent upland forests, birds inside and outside of protected areas, bird communities associated with the sand barren habitats in the heart of the Valley, and the restoration of the Big Meadow Bog on Brier Island.

Session is free but registration is required.


Sunday, June 9th, 1:30-4:00pm

forest magic


Join Doug Kemp and Soren Bondrup-Nielson for a guided walkabout of Doug’s 100 acre sustainable forest. Together they will describe the processes of life, death and regeneration that make up forest life.  This will include a description of the role trees play in the health of our planet through carbon capture.  

*Following the walk Doug will lead a workshop  on how to plant tree seedlings. Participants will be given seedlings to take home.*

About Doug Kemp and Soren Bondrup-Nielson

Doug and Soren are committed field naturalists and environmentalists. Soren recently retired as Head of Acadia University’s Biology Department. Doug is the founder of Country Stoves and Sunrooms .  As Doug says, “Every tree has value” – both men have put this principle into practice through their work to care for and protect Nova Scotia’s forests. 

*We thank the NS Nursery (Cape Breton) for providing the tree seedlings for this workshop.*

Session is free but registration is required.

sunday, june 23rd, 1:30-4:30pm

what rocks can tell us

Jeff Smith brings his enthusiasm and love of geology to this guided walk of the Harbourville beach and the shores of the Bay of Fundy. 

Jeff’s presentation will begin with an introduction to the “makeup” of our Earth and the processes that have created the Maritime Provinces and the Bay of Fundy. This will be followed by an identification of different rock types and how they came to be here. 

An important highlight will be an examination of the outcrop, which Jeff describes as “a key aspect of the Bay of Fundy’s geological setting: evidence for the opening of the Atlantic Ocean.”

 About Jeff Smith:

Jeff has worked as a geologist for over 40 years, with assignments that have taken him to Alberta, northern Ontario and Nova Scotia. He is fascinated by the Bay of Fundy which he describes as a “unique geological regime.”

Session is free but registration is required

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additional upcoming talks & workshops

(dates to be confirmed soon)

* Please note ALL sessions are free, but still need to be registered! *

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mysteries beneath: the floor of the bay of fundy

Presentation by Russell Parrot

natural history of bay of fundy image.jpg

The natural history of the bay of fundy

Presentation by Graham Daborn

animal behaviour

Speaker to be confirmed


woodlot management photo.jpg

woodlot management

Guided Walk by Don Munro

Smoking fish: mi’kmaq Traditions


bird migrations.jpg

Birdwatching field trip: early fall migrations

cooking class: wild foods